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Monday, January 23, 2012


An Ordinary Day for the Astroblogger

During the incident where my images were appropriated and faked (see here, here and here), one of the more amusing incidents was when Don Gilson claimed that the fake planet was in my originals, but I had removed it under threat of the Queen and the CIA.

So this cartoon almost immediately came to mind (of course you have to click to embiggen for it to be legible, and of course it is copyleft me, 2012).

Why ponies? [shrugs] Why the Queen?

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And now Donny's spun his "logic" yet another round and is outright calling you a lier (30:00 into his 01.21.12 video)
[shrugs, points to cartoon] well, he can produce the original FITS files and their headers to support his argument, can't he.
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