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Monday, October 11, 2010


Star GRASing and some Good News!

And now a wonderful bit of news.

As you may know, I buy observing time on the Global-Rent-A-Scope system. Now, you may ask, why would a guy with a 50mm, 4" and 8" telescope, who also hunts comets in the STEREO imager, want to rent telescope time? Don't I have enough telescopes?

You can NEVER have too many telescopes. And the GRAS telescopes allow me to do the kind of deep sky imaging I could never afford to do myself.

Well, the GRAS people have invited me to do a monthly "what's up" blog for them, and I've accepted. The first entry is live here.

So if you are a GRAS user, or would like to try out the GRAS system , head on over for some guides for things to look for. Comet 103P Hartley is on the menu this month. I have lots of nice 103p images I must post when I get a spare moment.


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