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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


The ISS passes in front of the Sun in Adelaide.

On Thursday June 10 at 14:51:46 the International Space Station will cross the Sun as seen from Adelaide.

To see this event you will
a) need to practise safe solar projection techniques (see also here and here). NEVER look directly at the sun, or use so called solar filters. Especially with binoculars or telescopes. For a dramatic example of what happens when you look at the sun directly through a telescope; look at this video...nasty isn’t it.

b) be quick, the ISS crosses the Sun in 2 seconds.

So you will need an accurate clock or timer and to be staring intently at the image (or have a fast camera).

Of course, this is in the afternoon during a work day, so watching may not be feasible, but if you can organise to watch please do so.

ISS path at14:50- 14:52 Thursday June 10 as seen from Adelaide.

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