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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Dance of the Planets (Part 4)

As if to make up for the cloud covering the Lunar Eclipse this morning, this evening was mostly clear. The line up of Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars was clear, with Jupiter in the east making all the 5 planets visible in one go.

You will need to click on the images and see them in all their "glory". Despite being relatively easy to see as it played tag with the clouds, Saturn is very difficult to see on the first image (compressing the image so that you could see all the planets in the line up made Saturn very dim). So you may want to look at the close-up down below, this gives you a better feel for the triple.

As with the first image, click on this one to enlarge it. Iwas was able to watch for a decent amount of time, with the planets and stars becoming clearer in the purpling dusk, very beautiful. I also took an image of Jupiter (see below).

Jupiter is the obviously brightest object in this image, just below the "Teapot" of Sagittarius (click on the image to enlarge it to see the "Teapot" more clearly). At the top of the image is the tail of the Scorpion.

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