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Sunday, August 17, 2008


A Cloudy Eclipse

When I went to bed Saturday night (after seeing The Clone Wars with family, not too bad it was), the sky was clear, the Moon bright. So typically when I got up at 4:30 am the sky was clouded over in the west, with a faint glow to indicate where the Moon was. The eastern horizon was frustratingly clear. At 5:00 am you could see the Moon occasionally flash between clouds, but not enough to really see the progress of the eclipse. Then at around 5:45 a large hole in the cloud came over, the Moon itself was still under cloud, but the cloud was thin enough you could see the Moon clearly, and the large bite taken out of it.

By this time the Moon was so low that my equipment couldn't image it where the was set up. By the time I moved the scope, really thick cloud came over, and that was the end of my observations.

Still, at least I got to see a bit of the eclipse, there are worse ways to spend your mornings.


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