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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


More Comet Boattini

Comet Boattini in the STERO H2 imager on 19 May.

Comet Boattini is now really obvious in binoculars. In my 10x50's it is a really obvious (if faint) fuzzy disk. I find it hard to establish magnitude for such an extended object, but I found it easier to see than M4 in Scorpio at the same height above the horizon, and bigger in diameter.

I will have to have a go with my 7x25 binoculars to see how it looks in them.

Comet Boattini is very easy to find at the moment, being close to several brightish stars. A spotters map is here (there is also a link to a map that shows the comet at your local time from most major cities in Australia), a printable PDF map suitable for use with binoculars in conjunction with the spotters map from 21-29 May is here. Some nice Boattini pictures taken from Africa are here.

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