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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Comet C/2007 W1 Boattini update 24 May

The horizon as seen from the southern hemisphere looking west at around 10 pm (click to enlarge).

Comet Boattini is brightening faster than expected and is now very easily seen in binoculars before Moon rise. It is seen as a substantial, but dim, fuzzy disk. After a bit of hunting around my non-astronomer guests found it last night (and went AWWW). People with good eyesight can (just) pick it up under dark rural or outer suburban skies.

A spotters map is here (there is also a link to a map that sows the comet at your local time from most major cities in Australia), a printable PDF map suitable for use with binoculars in conjunction with the spotters map from 21-29 May is here.

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