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Monday, May 19, 2008


Mars in the Beehive (21-24May)

Mars has been fleeing Gemini since it's nice lineup with Castor and Pollux, heading for the constellation of Cancer. It's path takes Mars close to a lovely cluster, the Beehive cluster.

Between May 21 and May 24 Mars is within binocular distance of the lovely Beehive cluster. On May 23, Mars is in the heart of the Beehive cluster. To see this properly you need to have dark skies, but even suburban folks can enjoy this sight with binoculars.

Mars is the very obvious modestly bright reddish object above the north-western horizon. The image shows Mars above the north-west horizon at around 9:00 pm.

The beehive is a faint dusting of stars all crowded together closer by. You will need to observe before 9:00 pm for the best views, as Mars and the cluster set at around 10:00pm.

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