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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Update on Cosmic Chocolate

You may remember my article on Cosmic Chocolate, and how I was puzzled that the planets in the chocolate set were not in orbital order. Well, Cynthia Ma, who passed the story on to me in the first place has been doing some sleuthing.

Apparently the boss of the hotel where the chocolate shop
is located likes astronomy, and the hotel is located right next to the Osaka science museum which houses one of the biggest planetariums in Japan (and the first planetarium in Japan).

Anyway, what Cynthia reckons is that you are supposed to envisage the solar system with the sun in the middle. She says:
It would be too obvious (tacky) to line the planets up in a straight line (also highly unusual in real life), so they alternate the planets, one on each side of the sun, in orbital order.
Next time Cynthia is in Osaka she says , she will look the Hotel up and feast on the Solar Sytem.


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