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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Mercury and the Moon, 7 May 2008

This Wednesday evening, May 7, Mercury is close to the crescent Moon, and a handspan above the eastern horizon half an hour after sunset.

This lineup could be quite attractive, but will be difficult to see without a clear, level horizon.

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Western horizon, I think! <8-)
For once the view from the Northern hemisphere was better than from 'down under' (which we in the North usually envy for its skies): Here is the pair from Germany on the evening of the 6th.

Incidentally other German amateurs managed to image the Moon in its new moon position the day before!
Rod: Yeah, my bad. Brain fried from too much protein sequence alignment (don't ask). I didn't get to see Mercury tonight as I was immediately plunged into family Chaos when I got home. The thing crescent Moon looked nice though.

Dainel: Ultra cool! Those are amazing pictures, thanks for sharing!
Hi, I m from India. Unable to Locate Mercury. Is it non visible at 20.93 Latitde 77.75 Longitude GMT+5.30 ?
No, Mercury is visible at this location, it's juts low in the twilight, and you will need a level. unobstructed western horiozn and need to look shortly after half an hour after the sun sets.
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