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Monday, May 12, 2008


A Picture of the Mars Moon Lineup

On Saturday (10 May) the waxing Moon lined up with Mars, Castor and Pollux in Gemini. It was rather pretty. Click on the image to enlarge it (makes the stars easier to see). Mars is above the Moon, Castor and Pollux below.

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Sorry for the OT Ian, but I noticed your recent comments r.e. ORFans and Paul Nelson (on Troy Brittan's blog). You might be interested in this new paper in PLOSOne last week:

"De-Orphaning the Structural Proteome through Reciprocal Comparison of Evolutionarily Important Structural Features"

Thanks very much for that! I'm working on a stand alone post on the ORFans (been working down the ORFan Mine), and the paper you point to will be very handy.
Incidentally there was another Mars-Moon line-up on the 10th: In Europe the Moon occulted Mars at noon - and it could be observed quite easily.

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