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Sunday, May 25, 2008


It's a Goal! (25-05-08)

Middle One got to play and entire game this time, even though the team lost 1:0, they all played well (well mostly, Middle One has a bit of an attention problem, and the helicopter impersonations did detract from his role as forward). Eldest One's team fought a nailbiting duel with their opponents, there was much swapping of leads, but we finished with a 3:3 draw.

I also did a fair bit of running with these matches (linesman for MiddleOnes match, and as coach I did a 20 minute training session where I lead the players in the exercises, and then I pace relentlessly up and down the sidelines watching the play), there were three tired boys after the match. Still we ended up going for a long walk on the beach, then taking the German Poet to the airport. So we finished off the day with Fast Food and a DVD. I think we earned it.


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