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Monday, April 16, 2007


Venus and the Moon (19-20th April 2007)

Venus and the Crescent Moon above the north western horizon as seen from the southern hemisphere an hour after sunset (click to enlarge).

On Thursday and Friday the Moon reappears in the evening sky. Thursday you will require keen eyes, a level unobstructed horizon and probably binoculars, as the very thin crescent Moon is just a few degrees above the horizon half an hour after sunset.

But on Friday, there is a lovely lineup with the Crescent Moon, Venus and Antares. Worth a pciture I think. While waiting for Fridays event, watch Venus glide under the Hyades (the V shaped group of stars with Alderbaran at one end) over the next few days.

(Oh yeah, and Blogger just upped and moved my accounts to Blogger beta without telling me beforehand, I've spent most of tonight trying to log back in. Finally did it. Bleagh. Thanks for the notice Blogger managment)


I witnessed Venus and the Crescent Moon tonight (4/19/2007) and it was breathtaking.
It was absolutely breathtaking (~9pm EST). I'm looking for a picture on the web and haven't seen a good one yet.
Hello tonite I seen the Crescent Moon and Venus and the sky was so clear. Its was so pretty.
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