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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Two Comets in One Stereo Frame

You really will have to click to enlarge this one to have a hope of seeing anything. I mentioned earlier that the recent (April 6) Stereo images had both comet 2P/Enke and 96P Machholz in them, but I couldn't find Enke. Well, you can't see it in the raw images, and even a highly processed image shows it as a tiny dot, compared to Machholz, which looks like a comet. I have an animation of Enke here (0.1 Mb). You have to look carefully at the lower lefthand edge of the animation to see the faint dot that is Enke scream along.

I have some new animations of Machholz as well, with better processing. An AVI (2.3 Mb, good definition) and a quicktime file (61 Kb, so-so definition). The images are a lot better this time thanks to Alan Watson and the other good folks at Comets-ML, who talked me through processing Stereo images and locating Enke. Many thanks guys and gals for your help and patience!

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