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Saturday, April 14, 2007


Venus and Pleaides in Stereo

Here is another perspective of the Venus- Pleiades thing, as seen through the H2a camera of the Stereo spacecraft on the 3rd of April, which is why the positions of venus don't match up with my previous post (the comet animations I did were from the H1a camera). I feel another animation coming on, but I'll do that tommorow. (The long elongated streaks are side effect of over saturation of the sensors, the bright long streak near the bottom left is Venus).

What I was searching for was a different camera view of Comet Macholz, to see if I could get it in stereo. But the Ha2 and H1+2b cameras are pointing nowhere near the field of view of H1a. So much for that idea. But I have other things to play with now.

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