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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Venus and Pleiades Observed (sort of)

Venus, the Pleiades (sort of) and the Hyades above the horizon at 7:00 pm ACST, 11th April.

You really will have to click on the images to get the full sized version to see the Pleiades. Even then you can only see Alcyone, Atlas and very, very faintly, Electra (to the right and slighly down from Venus, the brightest object in the image, Alderbaran and the V shaped Hyades are up the top of the image).

If you look really hard, you can even see the reflection of Venus on the water. I was a bit dissapointed that the rflection didn't come out, it was so clear to see. Tommorow I'll try taking the images about 15 minutes earlier, and see it that makes a difference. How did everyoneone elses Venus and Pleiades viewing go?

Hi Ian,
I went up on to Dartmoor here in Devon and saw the pairing. It was excellent, if a little too far apart for my little APO to fit in. Might try again tonight! Look forward to the Venus reflection image.
Great! It should be clearer for northern hemispherians as the angle of the ecliptic is less at this time. They are a bit far apart for decent magnifications, but look good in binoculars (although the glare of Venus can make it hard to see alll the Pleiades).

I don't think the Venus reflection image will happen. I have tried several differnt combinations of timing awith my camera, and it just doesn't come out.
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