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Thursday, April 19, 2007


The Sun in Stereo

Image Credit NASA/STEREO

Cross your eyes, make the images of overlap and hey presto! The Sun in stereo. You may have to click on the image and get the full size version to do this effectively.

Okay, so I have a STEREO obsession, but this is one cool satellite. One of the reasons for the Launch of STEREO was to, well, image the Sun in Stereo. I have now just stumbled on the part of the STEREO Science Center where the actual Stereo images are kept. So I'm slow on the uptake, I'm sure lots of people have found this already and are making their own Solar Stereograms. Anyway, I coped the ahead and behind images, fused them into one graphic. I tried to align them and space them so that you get optimal "stereoness". I could do better, but not bad for a first attempt. Now I have to find an image with something dramatic happening.


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