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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


More Readers images of McNaught

Cynthia Ma's image of McNaught (click to enlarge). She writes "This photo was taken on top of Hornsby Westfield with an ordinary digital camera at ISO 50, 4 sec exposure, on 19/1/2007, 8:48pm Sydney Time. The power lines are railway power lines. The clouds below the comet were a combination of bushfires
smoke, traffic smog, summer haze and clouds."

Below this is an image from Tony Travaglia of New Zealand. This was taken with a Canon 300D, 300mm lens, ISO 800 and 20 sec exposure on the 22nd (click to enlarge). Good definition of the comets head here.


Great shots, especially the second one.

My partner and I went down to Henley Beach last night with binoculars in hand and sat on the grass waiting for it to appear.

Sure enough, right after sunset, it became visible above the horizon shining very brightly.

It was so intensely stunning that I couldn't pull myself away!
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