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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Comet P1 McNaught on Sunday Night

Location of comet P1 McNaught around 30 minutes after sunset (click to enlarge) above the western horizon as seen from the southern hemipshere.

Around 30 minutes after sunset Venus, the crescent Moon and comet McNaught will put on a spectacular display. You way have to wait some minutes for most of the comets tail to come celar, but the comet and the lower part of the tail should be very easy to see. The comet is roughly on the same level above the horizon as the crescent Moon, and about 5 handsapns to the left of the Moon. The two bright stars of the constellation Grus almost point directly at it.

More spectacular images from Rob McNaught (note the comet images have moved from the comet info page) and Gordon Garrad. Some good telescopic images are here.


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