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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Fantastic images of Comet P1 McNaught from Australia

Image credit Geoffrey Sims (click on the image to enlarge).

I've been sent some fantastic images, weblinks and accounts from people who have seen the comet. When I get the time I'll put togeter a webpage to summarize P1 McNaughts visit from my correspondents. In the meantime, gaze on this image from Geoffry Sims (I have some moreof his as well). It takes your breath away.

As well, see this fantastic series of shots of comet McNaught taken in the daytime by astrophotography supremo Shevill Mathers.

While we are out looking at the comet tonight, spare a thought for those people in Threadbo and Victoria whose homes and livelyhoods are threatened by massive bushfires. The red haze on the horzion means peolple are out fighting fires, rather than getting rest or being with their loved ones. Send them your thoughts or donate to charity to help the victims of the fires please.


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