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Friday, December 15, 2006


My Night With (some) Geminids

After seeing the sky covered wall to wall in cloud, I was not enthusiatic about getting up. Indeed, I only got up because SmallestOne kicked me awake. Satggering out into the early morning, I found there was a big hole in the cloud to the North, roughly Bounded by Saturn, Sirius and the Pleiades. While blinking stupidly at this, a sporadic meteor flashed past, so I wrapped a blanket around myself and sat down to watch.

I saw 9 Geminids and 2 sproadic meteors in about 40 minutes. One was a bright beauty that shot past Orion, there was also a nice one that went past the Hyades. The ones I saw were all fairly bright, but most had fairly short flights. Then the cloud came up over the north again and I went in.

Haven't seen any other reports yet. Update: Reports are in from the Americas and Hawaii. They got some good rates over there, ranging from 30-90 meteors/hour. Somewhat less than predicted, but a good show all round. A gallery of images is here.

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