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Friday, October 28, 2005


One sleep to Mars's closest approach ...

And it is cloudy, and more cloudy weather forecast. So I won't be watching the amazing dust storms on Mars. So here is a picture of the ISS going past Venus taken way back on the 1st. This was taken with my Pentax KM on a tripod precariously perched on the side of a steepish hill while at Norton Summit. As always, click to enlarge. The colours are a bit strange as this is a scan of the negative, which got over exposed by the automatic scanning device. I probably went overboard on the exposure, it might have been a more dramatic picture with a shorter ISS trail and less trailed stars. But heck, it looks nice. Venus and ISS approaches are predicted by the folks who do the ISS solar transit predictions.

As for Mars? Keep an eye on Ice-in-space for Australian images of Mars (only two old, but nice, ones there at the moment). See the NASA science site for some interesting details of all hallows eve, when Mars is almost closest.

If it's any consolation, almost half a planet away here in the UK, I'm looking at cloud too. :(
And Tom in the US is looking at cloud too. [sigh]

PS liked your post on sketching in astronomy. I must add a comment when I get a chance. But now I have to go back to organizing the speakers slides for Monday's colloquium.
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