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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Venus in the Scorpion

In order to see this, click on the image. For reasons I don't understand, images that are bright on my screen in paintshop are near invisible when loaded via blogger. This shows Venus in Scorpius.

Well, due to lousy weather I missed Venus next to delta Scorpii. But tonight the sky was finally clear, and I got a reasonable shot of Venus in the Scorpion. Mrecury is also reasonably clear now (but had set by the time I had a chance to phtograph it). Venus will continue its climb through the Scorpion and on Monday October 17 Venus will be next to Antares. Quite a sight, also, that is the night of the partial Lunar eclipse. With an ISS pass, an iridium flare and a Shenzou 6 pass, Monday will be a night of astronomical fun.

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