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Monday, October 17, 2005


Partial Lunar Eclipse, October 17

Maximum eclipse as seen from Adelaide at 21:30 ACST, image generated with Stellarium 0.7.1

Don't forget that tonight (October 17) there will be a partial Lunar eclipse. This will be visible from South East Asia, the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Not the best, as only the lunar south pole goes reasonably dark, but with Venus next to red Antares, and Mars rising on the horizon, it will be very beautiful, and well worth watching. Also, there will be an iridium flare, and an ISS pass in the lead up to maximum eclipse. Shenzou 6 might be visible from Eastern locations. Weather looks dodgy for Central Australia, and parts of the central eastern coast, but WA, Victoria, Tasmania and most of central QLD, NSW and some parts of SA should be clear. Local lunar mid-eclipse times will be the same for all east coast locations (22:03) , central locations (21:33), and western locations (20:32). Times of local twilight and the eclipse start can be found at the eclipse section of Southern Skywatch. You won't have to stay up late to watch this one.

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