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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Watching taikonauts go by

Yes, I've been somewhat slack with posts recently but A) I've been organising and assessing student seminars, and organizing our bianula colloquium, which has taken up large chunks of my spare time b) I've been desperately trying to get my submissions for next mioths Sky&Space finalized and C) My glases have been broken so I can barely see the computer screen to write. Anyway, here's something you might be interested in.

The Chinese have launched their second manned spacecraft. Tom and Stuart have discussion of the the flight of the taikonauts (Chinese for astronauts) and Shenzou 6 here and here. While there is a news article from New Scientist here.

I won't elaborte on this. But, if you want to see Shenzou 6 go overhead, head to Heavens-Above where there are predictions for Shenzou 6's visible passes over the next 5 days. Adelaide has only one decent pass, but the East coast has several. So go have a look.

Ian, I had a look on Heavens Above but it doesn't seem as though Shenzhou 6 will pass over the UK.

I hope you get chance to spot it. Have a good eclipse too.
Luckier than Stuart, plenty of chances to see it, but the thick clouds we have had for the past week will last long enough to prevent any views.

Hope you get your glasses fixed.
Glasses finally fixed, eclipse played peek-a-boo with clouds, still innundated with work.
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