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Saturday, July 10, 2021


My images of the ISS pass of 9 July, 2021

The ISS passing through Leo and above Venus and Mars around 19:10, Canon IXUS 1 seconds exposure, 20 images. Images stacked in ImageJ and a MAX-Z projection with brightness turned up.Same sequence. Images stacked in Deep sky stacker and aligned on the stars then curves adjusted in GIMP. Click to embiggen.

This evening was excellent for the ISS pass.Clear and cloudless, the ISS passed through Leo above Regulus, Mars and Venus, a rather spectacular pass. Having Learn my lesson from the previous nightI went with  a train of 10 1 second exposures at ISO 1600. I captured most of the pass, with a gap due to timer delay i setting off the 10 shot train.

I stacked the images first in image J, aligned on the frames. The earth rotated in the 30 seconds the sequence took, so the stars and planets are trailed. Then I stacked in DeepSkyStacker aligned on the stars for comparison, the stars aren't trailed but the horizon is blurred and DeepSkyStacker dropped a few frames. Of course, with the camera chugging away by it self I could watch the pass which was rather nice indeed.

Animated GIF of the ISS under the Southern Cross

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