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Thursday, November 30, 2017


Astrophiz Podcast 48 (Star-forming frenzy edition) is Out!

Astrophiz Podcast 48 is out now.

In this fabulous extended 60min episode we feature Dr Jacinta Delhaize who is a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science in Croatia.

Jacinta has devolved a ‘stacking technique’ to combine data to overcome the problem of detecting weak hydrogen signals from distant galaxies. She has been using data from the Parkes Dish and the Hershel instrument to helps us understand the role of hydrogen in the evolution of galaxies.

After recently moving from ICRAR in Western Australia to Croatia, her research is now looking at how black holes at the centres of galaxies can effect star formation, and is now using data from the Jansky VLA to continue this collaborative research. For observers and astrophotographers, I tell you what when and where to look for objects in the morning and evening skies over the next days and weeks, and how to best observe the imminent Geminid Meteor Shower.

In ‘ian’s tangent’ I tells you about Australia’s early eminence in Space with the 50th Anniversary of the launch of our first satellite, WRESAT

You can follow me  @ianfmusgrave on Twitter and southern skywatch on facebook.

Jacinta has an excellent youtube vid and you can see her describe her research on the infrared-radio correlation of galaxies at tinyurl.com/jdelhaize
Her website is at www.jacintadelhaize.com and she also has a public twitter and instagram account. Both are @jdelhaize

In the News: Teams of Radio astronomers and optical astronomers both research the Magellanic Clouds in the Southern hemisphere, and both teams come up with exciting discoveries.


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