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Sunday, August 27, 2017


The ISS Buzzes the Moon (26 August, 2017)

Animation of the ISS passing by the Moon of the evening of the 26th August (10 x 4 second exposures ASA 400, Canon IXUS)Overlay of images (same exposure details as the animation, click to embiggen to see the ISS track better)

Saturday was the best of the International Space Station  passes as seen from Adelaide, with a close pass to the trio of the Moon, Jupiter and Spica. Naturally most of the afternoon the sky was clouded over, so I was resigned to missing out on this pass. Fortunately I checked shortly before the pass just as a huge gap in the cloud rolled over, so I was able to watch the pass (and image it). Very beautiful it was too, sadly, the Moon is over exposed in these images, so you don't get the full effect of the ISS zipping past the crescent Moon.

 Moon, Jupiter and Spica, you need to click to embiggen to see Spica properly (and the other stars)

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