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Friday, January 15, 2016


The International Space Station Passes Below Canopus (15 January 2016)

The ISS passes below the bright star Canopus and above the False Cross. 6 x 5 sec exposures at 400 ASA taken with my Canon IXUS and aligned and stacked in ImageJ. Click to embiggen.Animation of the same 6 frames.

Tonight was a brilliant night for watching the ISS go over, also perfectly clear aside from some light cloud, not too hot, not too windy, and the waxing Moon did not drown out the stations light. Hadn't had a good night for ISS passes since December. I got to see the ISS s it climbed up from the south-west all the way until it went into Earth's shadow. This was a nice bright one too, easily visible.

Unfortunately the camera did't want to come out of fireworks mode, so I missed a couple of frames from the pass, but it still stacked up pretty well. Hopefully Sunday's pass between Taurus and Orion will be clear too.

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