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Saturday, December 04, 2010


Southern Skywatch December 2010 edition is now up!

Evening sky looking west showing the Mars and Mercury at 9:00 pm local daylight saving time on Tuesday December 7. Click to embiggen.

The December edition of Southern Skywatch is now up and the planetary action continues. Mercury meets the Moon in the evening. Venus and Saturn meet the Moon twice this month. Venus is an obvious crescent in small telescopes and strong binoculars.

Jupiter is well past opposition, but it is still a good time to break out the telescopes to observe this world and its Moons.

Jupiter is easily visible in the late evening sky and is within binocular range of Uranus with the air coming close at the end of December.

On the 21st there is a very poor Lunar Eclipse, and the Moon occults eta Piscium on the 16th. The Geminid meteor shower will be seen on the morning of the 14t

Comet 103P/Hartley is visible in southern skies in binoculars in the early part of the month. The variable stars Mira and Algol are good to watch this month.


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