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Monday, September 13, 2010


My Seminar with Barry Brook

A couple of weeks back Professor Ian Plimer gave a seminar in my School, this week, it was the turn of Professor Barry Brook, who runs the Brave New Climate blog (as well as doing climate change research of course, but this is a major outreach effort so I'm highlighting that).

Professor Brooks talk was the antithesis of Professor Plimers. Consistent, logically developed, and a very good summation of our understaning of climate change. He also spoke about the various energy options we have for mitigation, and real world examples of mitagations schemes to reduce carbon emissions (contrasting France and Denmark as one example of neuclear vs wind power).

One thing was clear, was that work on mitigation schemes must occur soon, if serious climate change is to be avoided. You can read more about the energy issues at Barry's blog, so I won't go into detail here, but I would like to point to the Oz-Energy Analysis site, and Open Science site where sustainable renewable energy options are being investigated. Have a look and get involved.

Like last time I was unable to stay and ask questions, haveing too run a workshop, but I did learn the Barry was an amateur astronomer when he was younger!


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