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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The ISS shoots the Moon from Adelaide tonight (Wednesday 22 September)

Right image; timing of the ISS passing over the Moon as seen from Adelaide (20:03:28 to 20:03:29), Left image; Chart of location of ISS and the Moon at 20:03 ACST Wednesday 22 September.

At 8:03 pm on Wednesday September 22 the International Space Station will pass over the Moon as seen from Adelaide. This will be quite spectacular. It will take less than a second for the ISS to flash over the Moon, so if you want to photograph you need to be ready well ahead of time. head out at least 5 minutes before contact time to set up.

Juts outside Adelaide the ISS will appear to skim the Moon, and elsewhere in South Australia is will flash close by, well worth watching. See heavens above for local timings.

UPDATE: Well, that was embarrassing, I'm an idiot.

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