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Thursday, August 19, 2010


A Nice View of Moon and Planets

Correspondent Alan Garde took this lovely image of the line-up of Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Mars on Wednesday August 11 (click to embiggen). This was taken from Eleebana NSW, near Lake Macquarie. Alan liked the way the Moon was placed under the tree, and I agree with him. Alan says

"The picture wasn’t exposed as well as it might have been. The instrument of phenomenal dynamic range that is our eye tricks us most of the time."

UPDATE: Alan says that the credit for the photograph goes to his friend friend Stephen Palmer.

Alan also says he clearly and regularly picked out Venus in the daylight last Sunday lunchtime, his son said he could see it though.

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Thanks Ian
We should acknowledge that my friend Stephen Palmer was the photographer.
G'Day Alan

I'll fix that up in the main text tonight.

PS Alan, your email bounced when I tried to reply to you (it says you don't exist), do you have an alternate email address
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