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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Venus and the Moon in Twilight

It should have been a simple check-up for MiddleOne, but they decided he need a lot of tests, so we went scurrying from Pulmonary Assessment to pathology for blood tests to the X-ray department for a chest X-ray. Not much fun for a young lad, but at least he thought seeing his chest bones was cool.

Of course, EldestOne had not turned on his phone, so he didn't know his lift from soccer couldn't make it. In between shuttling between the various pathology tests I had to zip out to phone and try to get someone to pick up SmallestOne from after school care and try and find what the heck happened to EldestOne.

In the end I had to drive down after all the tests were done on MiddleOne and pick up EldestOne who was sitting forlorn near the soccer field. Of course there was a traffic jam as well.

At least the endless waiting in the stationary car allowed be to view Venus next to the crescent Moon, glowing through thin cloud. It was rather beautiful. I didn't get any photos naturally, my mind being otherwise occupied, so I've put up a photo from the day before (click to embiggen)

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This evening I pointed out Venus to people at my son's school while the sun was still up - it would have been better yesterday when it was closer to the Moon, but they all enjoyed seeing it.
Cool! The expressions on peoples faces when they finally see Venus popping out, and realise they are seeing a planet in daylight, is wonderful.
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