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Thursday, April 25, 2019


Don't forget. Occultation of Saturn Thursday April 25, 2019

The Moon facing east at 22:54 am ACST in Adelaide on Thursday 25 April just as Saturn appears from behind the Moon. The Moon is a hand-span from the horizon.

A reminder that there is an occultation of Saturn that can be seen from most of eastern Australia and parts of central Australia, roughly east of a line from Rockhampton to Port Lincoln in the late evening of Thursday 25 April (between around 11 pm ACST and 11:30 pm AEST). The further west you go from the line the lower the Moon will be to the horizon. 

In Woomera the Moon will be just a finger-width above the horiozn, as Saturn exits the dark side of the Moon (at 22:53), in Port Lincoln two finger-widths and in Parachilna (and most of the Flinder's Rangers) the Moon is  three finger-widths anove the horizon as Saturn exits the Moon.
Path of the occultation of Saturn over Australia  (source, IOTA).

You will need a level, clear eastern horizon to see the occulatation at it's best.

Exact timing for several cities and observation hints can be found at my occultation page.

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