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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


See the ISS skim the Moon and Venus from Adelaide (Wedensday 21 June)

The ISS passes close to the crescent Moon and Venus on the morning of Wednesday 21st June at 5:13 am. View looking East from Adelaide. Simulated in Stellarium (the ISS will actually be a bright dot), (click to embiggen)All-sky chart showing local times from Heavens Above for Wednesday 21st June for Adelaide. (Click to embiggen)

This week there is a series of bright ISS passes in the morning, while you may not be a fan of getting up in the dark during winter, for those of use in South Australia The Morning of Wednesday 21 June will be special, as the ISS will exit earths shadow and pass very close to the crescent Moon and Venus.

In some areas the ISS might even cross in front of the Moon. When and what you will see is VERY location dependent, so you need to use either Heavens Above or CalSky to get site specific predictions for your location . Even the difference between the city centre and the suburbs can mean the difference between seeing the ISS go over the Moon or just next to it.

Start looking several minutes before the pass is going to start to get yourself oriented and your eyes dark adapted. Be patient, on the night there may be slight differences in the time of the ISS appearing due to orbit changes not picked up by the predictions. The ISS will be moving reasonably fast when it exits  Earth's shadow before passing near the Moon.

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