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Friday, September 02, 2016


I (sort of) Caugt the ISS passing Venus in the Twilight (2 September 2016)

The ISS between Venus and Jupiter at 18:28:33 ACST on 2 September as seen from Adelaide. Canon IXUS. 400 ASA 1 second exposure. Click to embiggen.As before, but labelled so you can easily wok out what is what.

The sky was fantastically clear and bright this evening after a day of grumbly black cloud. The wind was perishing though, and I was freezing as I waited for the ISS to climb out of the twilight. I had to fiddle with the exposure to balance seeing the ISS against being totally over exposed. In the end I settled for 1 second exposure.

I set the camera up to take 10 x 1 second exposures starting a 30 seconds before the ISS would be between Venus and Jupiter (each exposure takes 1 second to write to camera, so that would be 20 seconds in all). As the camera whired into life I could see the ISS emerge from the glow and zoom underneath Venus. The the auto shoot stopped. By the time I started it again the ISS as well away, but hey. I SAW It, and it was fantastic.

I then moved to watch it pass below the Southern cross, also very nice. Aside from the potential frostbite a resounding success.

Venus, Jupiter and at 18:55 ACST on 2 September as seen from Adelaide. Canon IXUS. 400 ASA 5 second exposure. Click to embiggen to see Mercury.

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