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Sunday, August 14, 2016


Venus, Mercury and Jupiter 14 August 2016

From bottom to top, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter  on the evening of 14 August (Canon IXUS ASA 400, 1 second exposure) at 6:33 pm ACST. Click to embigen.For comparison Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon on the evening of 7 August (Canon IXUS ASA 400, 1 second exposure) at 6:27 pm ACST. Click to embigen to see Mercury.

After nearly a week of cloud obscuring the Planet Dance, I finally got another glimpse. Mercury is now very obvious in the twilight, and this is probably the best time to see it this year. Compared to the evening of the7th, Venus and Mercury are higher, and Jupiter lower. Jupiter, Mercury and Venus form a distinct triangle, as opposed to the battered line previously. over the week Mercury will rapidly rise towards Jupiter, Venus rises more slowly. Mercury will be highest above the horizon on the 17th, then returns towards the horizon. Between the 18th to the 21st it will be close to Jupiter.

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