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Sunday, June 21, 2015


A Line in the Sky, Venus, Jupiter and the Crescent Moon (21 June 2015)

The crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter as seen at around 19:15 ACST from Largs Bay, Adelaide on 21 June. 2 second exposure at ASA400 3x zoom with my Canon IXUS. Click to embiggen to see Regulus and omega Leonis.About 5 minutes later down the beach
Click to embiggen to see Regulus (almost hidden by the tree) and omega Leonis. 4 second exposure at ASA 400.Venus and Jupiter from the kitchen window, The Moon is hidden by the sunshade.

This evening and tonight were marvelously clear (okay, there was some thing cloud, but it generally kept out of the way. I the early afternoon I could see Venus easily with the unaided eye (in the daylight, around 3 pm). But even in binoculars I could not pick up Jupiter until just on sunset.

But after sunste the trio of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon were amazing. As the coulours drained fro the sky the trio became brighter, and the star Regulus joined the lineup. Bright enough even to pick up through my kitchen window.

Tomorrow night the line is longer, but still beautiful.

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Thanks for the post.. I've been scouring the net to find out what those two bright "stars" over the western sky/ horizon were over the last few nights. I figured one was Venus but wasn't sure. I thought the other one would be Mars. Now I know!
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