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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Herbal Medicines, an Interview

Last night a short news segment on herbal medicines ran on Channel 9 which I not only appeared on, but actually referenced my research. You can see the interview here:

I have done a lot of radio, but I'm pretty much a newbie at television.  Despite me not looking at the interviewer, waving my arms around and having the camera peer up my nose, the interview that went to air was a lot less mortifying than I thought it would be.

Unfortunately in the clip they kept on saying "I" did the study and "I" purchased the medicine (that was the first author Lauren)

Emeritus Professor Alastair MacLennan was quite direct, but it was amusing that it was a Naturopath that they got to give the advice to always check with a health care provider.

You may be surprised that it took nearly and hour and a half to film those tiny segments. There was a lot of stuff that got left out, or was covered by voice-overs, and I did a fair few retakes as I stuttered a lot. Maybe I should run some workshops on how (not) to give TV interviews. 

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nformation about vitamins and supplements can be very confusing. It’s difficult to know which one offers genuine health benefits and which are unbeneficial to your body. Many Companies can promote a vitamin supplement, but how do you know what they are say is true?

The answer is research. By learning all you can about vitamins and supplements, you can make better choices about those that are right for you.

Most people don't need vitamin supplements ...
Herbal and natural medicines can be dangerous - arsenic and cyanide and Botox are natural after all.
I guess the most benign risk of "herbal" medicine is getting $24 sugar pills which can remember the 1/10^12 exposure to melatonin, but not the grease and stainless steel and bleach or other steriliser in the tablet press !
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