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Sunday, April 14, 2013


The Crescent Moon and Jupiter, in Daylight and Twilight, 14 April 2013

Jupiter and the Moon in daylight, the position of Jupiter is marked with the yellow lines. You will need to click on the image and embiggen it to see Jupiter though. Not my best daylight Moon and Jupiter shot, this was taken just as the Sun was setting. The Moon, Jupiter and Aldebaran form a triangle above the twilight glow and the ocean. A jet contrail is to the far left. You will need to click the image and embiggen for the best effect.
Close up of the triangle, with Earth shine. Jupiter is to the left, Aldebaran to the right of the Moon. Not exactly the "night of the Smiley Face Fritz" but rather good anyway. Click to embiggen as usual.Shortly after Civil Twilight, Moon, Earth shine, Jupiter, Aldebaran and the Hyades (and an aeroplane). Canon IXUS, 6 second exposure, ASA 400, 3x Zoom.

Jupiter and the Moon were close tonight (14 April), forming a nice triangle with the bright star Aldebaran in the early evening sky before the clouds rolled in. The Moon is still close tomorrow night, but it won't be quite as nice.

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