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Monday, September 10, 2012


Another Nice ISS Pass Coming on 11 September 2012

The International Space Station passes  above Saturn at 7:01 pm local time as seen from Adelaide, on its way to the pointers (clcik to embiggen).

In the wake of tonights really cool ISS pass, there is one on Tuesday that isn't too bad as well. In Adelaide the ISS skims above Saturn and passes through the centre of the pointers. In Perth the ISS skims below Spica and then passes through the Southern Cross.

In Hobart the ISS passes through the constellation of the Scorpion. In Melbourne it skims just above Saturn and just below the pointers and in Sydney it skims pretty low to the Southern horizon. Brisbane and Darwin miss out.

You can get detailed predictions for your location from Heavens Above.

The ISS is 10 degrees above the horizon at these cities at the following local times. 

Sydney:           19:32:46
Melbourne:     19:31:01
Hobart:            19:32:01
Adelaide:         18:59:23
Perth:               19:02:08

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