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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Daylight Venus 14 August 2012

Venus imaged in the daylight, half an hour after sunrise on 14 August as seen from Adelaide (click to embiggen).

Todays close apposition of the Moon and Venus was an excellent time to locate Venus in the daytime.

Venus was easily visible near the Moon half an hour after sunset, and was still readily visible nearly 3 hours later (although the drifting cloud didn't help).

Photographing it was another matter, using a 3x zoom I was able to image Venus and the Moon with my Cannon IXUS on program mode ASA 400, but as you can see it is only just visible (but then again, so is the Moon). More on seeing Venus and other astronomical objects in the daylight here.

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Ian, did you mean three hours after sunrise ?
For the last three weeks on and off but especially on Mondays are around 4 PM I see something that looks like your photo and my phone app says it could be Venus but I am wondering what visible in the daytime mean is 4 PM
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