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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Jupiter near the Moon, 12 August 2012

Morning Sky on 12 August at 5:07 am as seen from Adelaide, Jupiter is hard to see against the brightness of the Moon. Venus to below and to the left. (closest approach was 5 minutes ago). Click to embiggen.Morning Sky on 12 August at 6:10 am as seen from Adelaide, Jupiter is now well clear of the Moon of the Moon. Click to embiggen.
Jupiter and the Moon imaged through my 4" reflector with a 25 mm Plossul lens and my Canon IXUS via an eyepiece adaptor. Time is 5:52 am, Jupiters Moons are smeared due to Jupiters' movement during the 1/8th second exposure time. Moons are, right to left, Io, Calisto, GanymedeTime is 5:59 am
Time is 6:02 amTime is 6:08 am
Overlay of the images showing Jupiters' movement.Moon mosaic

Although Jupiter wasn't occulted from here in Adelaide, it looked a very fine sight close to the Moon this morning.Because the distance between Jupiter and the Moon was too great for my CCD cam field of view, I used my digital camera adaptor instead. There's a few artefacts from internal reflections and lens fogging, but it worked pretty well. I alos got to see Eurpoa come out from Jupiter (not visible in these images).

Anybody from Darwin or Indonesia see the Occultation?

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