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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Daylight Jupiter 12 August 2012

Jupiter near the moon on August 12, 2012, just on Sunrise (click to embiggen).

With the Moon so close to Jupiter, this was a great opportunity to see Jupiter in the daylight. Jupiter was easily visible up until and just beyond sunrise. It was even able to be photographed just on sunrise (see image) and 5 minutes after (although that was a bit more rubbish).

By 20 minutes after sunrise I was able to see Jupiter with some difficultly. Once I found it with averted vision it remained reasonably obvious (not as obvious as Venus of course). In binoculars Jupiter was fairly obvious even 30 minutes after sunrise, when it was near impossible to see with the unaided eye.

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When I saw Jupiter this morning it seemed much closer to the Moon than in your photo. I wondered whether one could get to see an eclipse of Jupiter?
G'Day Jim

If you were in Sydney or further north the Moon would have actually been closer. In Darwin the Moon covered Jupiter. We will have the chance for another occultation of Jupiter later in the year.
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