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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Comet SWAN enters SOHO Lasco C3 (and a solar storm)

The new Kreutz Sungrazer comet SWAN, has entered the SOHO lasco C3 imager.

It's reasonably bright and beautifully formed. It is heading straight in for the Sun, and may turn up in the C2 imager tomorrow. I'll also have a look at the STEREO C2 beacon images, but they are pretty low resolution.

Tomorrow the high resolution STEREO images from H1B should be available. I suppose I also should try estimating magnitudes and such.
(UPDATE: Comet Al has made a great animation from H1B on the 11th here)

I made another animation, you can see the comet fly into the solar storm produced by the recent M7.9 flare.

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