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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So About the Silence

On Friday evening, shortly after I did Skype Interview with Leslie Hayes, my internet connection crashed. It feebly revived itself once or twice, but basically, while Comet Al has recovered comet C/2003 T12 and aurora roared across the sky, I've been right out of it.

Not that I haven't been busy. I have an article up at The Conversation, I've been the expert adviser for an article in Cosmos, I have an article coming out in next months Australian Sky&Telescope.
And now that the internet is back, I've done a Skype Interview with Francis Walsh and I can at last download all the pictures I've taken with iTelescope.

Of course, now we have EldestOne's birthday to contend with, so don't expect a blizzard of posts.

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Francis Walsh? HAHAHAH! Well seems like you do not have the BALLS to join me on my show!! We will give you a fair platform!! I challenge you to join my radio show Ian! DO it and show us you are not a fraud! MY LISTENERS want to here it!! And I will tell you this I HAVE WAY MORE than FRANCIS WALSH!
please feel free to add us on skype : brklyknight
I meant hear it lol
Don Adams,....Get Smart..???
I don't think so chief. 8)
Would you believe, missed it by that much!

Hopefully I can do something on your comet recover tonight, but I may be taken up with family stuff tonight.
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