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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


If You are Looking For "Comet Elenin a FAQ for the worried"...

.. it's been taken down by blogger, along with two other Elenin related posts (see below) for alleged violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) . Given that there is no copyrighted material on these sites (either material generated entirely by me or links to and citation of publicly available material), this is just a frivolous attack on people countering Elenin nonsense. I expect this will be reversed soon. But in the meantime


are not available.

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Would you like me to host it? I don't have to deal with Blogger or Wordpress, as I have my own hosted site.
G'Day John

I'll see how Blooger reponds first. If they do not respond reasonably, I'll take you up on your kin doffer (otherwise I have to edit URLS and so on, not difficult but just taking time I don't have at the moment).
Amazing, I hope all the other blogspots spouting inacurate and bizzare theories are targeted for the same reasons. It's like graffiti in cyberspace, they should be made to clean it up.
All for censorship of the ignorant.
regards, Cometal
G'Day Al

Yes, it would be nice if there was a stupidity filter for the internet. Still, after years of dealing with denialists of all stripes, dirty trick sadden, rather than surprise me.
Yes, unfortunately most reasonable people won't even notice a reasonable use of their material, but those crackpots will use any means to fight the everyone-else-in-the-world conspirators.
Why does blogger pay any attention to them ?
Mensur Omerbashich sent a DMCA to RationalWiki as well for their article.

It was completely invalid across the board, and was rejected. This is probably the same situation. We are working on gathering material specific to Omerbashich now.
T. Toulouse said... Mensur Omerbashich sent a DMCA to RationalWiki as well for their article.

Ohhh, NOW it makes sense, sort of. Neither the FAQ nor the earthquakes article had any material from Omerbashich in them (the earthquakes article doesn't even mention him).

The critical article on Omerbashich's paper has two short quotes and an excerpt from a diagram, which are covered by conventions for scholarly criticism. So I think the challenge to me can't stand.

As of today, 24 hours after blogger sent me the notice there is still no DCMA complaint of the "chilling effects" website.
Okay, we are back. I'll post about this shortly. But perhaps I should still take you up on your offer John.
Feel free, any time
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