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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


And We Are Back ....

Blogger has reinstated "Comet Elenin, a FAQ for the Worried" and the following posts:


Many thanks to the Blogger team for their rapid and timely attention to this matter. Given that 24 hours later no actual Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint turned up on the Chilling Effects website, I conclude that this was a frivolous complaint and Blogger has agreed with this assessment.

I was not the only one targeted, RationalWiki also got a frivolous DCMA suit over their comet Elenin article, which was dismissed (Thanks for the heads up to T Tolouse can someone tell the RationalWiki guys I'm back).

And of course may thanks to the folks who gave me support and offered to host the FAQ's, you were terrific. I will of course continue to speak out for rationality, reason and good science.

Mensur Omerbashich has updated his ArXiv paper on Elenin and Earthquakes. My major criticisms still stand, but I will revisit the paper in the near future.

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Very glad to see you are back. The actions of the nobbers are becoming intolerable.
I agree! I am shocked that the conspiracy types are trying to take down websites that use real science to refute them!
These alleged "people" who issued the DCMA takedown have ignorance on their side, and when they can't win with that, they abuse the legal system.

Sorry you had to go through this -- it's a wakeup for the rest of us who blog about science in a truthful manner and don't stoop to childish hyperbole and pseudo-science.

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