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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Spleen Guy - Chapter 2 - Page 1

Spleen Guy Chapter 2 Page 1, click to embiggen

Spleen Guy Rides again! This is the second chapter of MiddleOnes Web comic, it's the story of a spleen. This is the first page.

It should be read right to left Manga style, except when it's left to right (like this starting page) or out of sequence. The right side bar is usually the last panel (anyone who has read "Fruits Basket" will recognise the style). Spelling and punctutation mostly as in original.

SPLEEN GUY LA LA LA ... Food Time ... HMMM .. Wots wrong
RANDOM GUY: The Evil Hamburger, That's what.
SPLEEn Guy: the wha?
RANDOM GUY: Its a burger somebody bit it and died!
SPLEEN GUY: Maybe it just tasted really bad!
RANDOM GUY: its not funny
SPLEEN GUY/RANDOM GUY:: is so ...is not! ... is so .... is not
SPLEEN GUY: Wait let me check something
RANDOM GUY: Okay but help us!
SPLEEN GUY: Yeah hes dead
SPLEEN GUY: What does this have to do with a spleen anyway
RANDOM GUY: uuuum ... spleen can be put into burgers!
SPLEEN GUY: ARE you gonna eat me!
RANDOM GUY: NO! SPLEEN GUY:phew ... okay onto the case ... RANDOM GUY : good

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